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About Pinnacle Group International

Headquartered in the Philadelphia, PA area, Pinnacle is an international company helping organizations improve workforce performance, loyalty and leadership

Our organizational development programs help public, private and nonprofit sectors in all levels of the workforce to assess the potential of individuals and develop the promise of organizations. We have a proven track record for measurably impacting performance, competence and business results.

Pinnacle provides the business-driven strategies you need to make sense of complexity and implement practical and measurable change--whether you are making critical hiring choices, increasing sales, developing leaders, thinking about promoting a key employee, improving team performance, or coping with organizational restructuring. Pinnacle can help.

Pinnacle Group International has over 15 years experience in training and consulting for leadership, communications, diversity, management, organizational development, and the behavioral sciences as it applies to workplace issues.

Pinnacle's programs are flexible in both design and delivery to provide a bridge to the next level of achievement. Our clients use our services because we have a proven track record for measurably impacting performance, competence and business results while meeting your budget and schedule requirements.

What you can expect from Pinnacle Group
  • Programs that provide meaningful change.
  • Business strategies that deliver results.
  • Solutions that impact performance.
  • Proven processes for workplace development.
  • Behavior based, high-impact development across talent pools and to individuals.
Motivated to learn
No two companies perform the same tasks identically. Our resources can make the difference.
Experience the difference
Some companies may need that person who can think easily outside of the box.
Past experiences matter
Every new employee brings something from the past that can be a negative or a positive.
Hiring the right people matters
Having the right tools is important. Having the right employee is even more important.