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Strengthening Team Dynamics

The two phases of making great teams

    To have a successful team building program that really "rings their bell," participants need to see that whatever is being planned is based upon their "actual" needs.

    Phase One: Assessment, is designed to accomplish this by asking each member of the team about their individual concerns, goals and challenges, before any training/team building design is created. Our assessment process will outline each behavioral difference and allow participants to understand the differences between members in regards to behavioral dynamics and communication.

    Phase Two: involves presentation of models of behavior and communication and processes for understanding them:

      • Differences in personal style
      • Individual and team decision making
      • Resolving misunderstandings and disagreements
      • Processes for how to communicate effectively
      • Group application of these models to challenging circumstances

Better Communication and Social Understanding

    As corporations flatten their hierarchy and depend more upon teams and smaller work groups to make decisions, greater conflict is inevitable as the decision making function is shared. Few supervisors and fewer employees are prepared to function well within such settings, even though most are highly motivated to be responsible and successful. Most teams need help to function successfully over the long run. This two phase program is designed for an intact team, a group of people who work together on a regular basis from a few month project to a stable multi-year department.

    Understanding the different behavioral and communication characteristics will make all the difference in the world!