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Employee Selection & Job Fit Solutions

Happy people translates into happy companies

Labor is a large percentage of your business expenses. With that in mind, are you hiring those who will improve the staff you currently have? How can you recognize the potential of a prospective employee? Pinnacle Group International has been assisting companies with their hiring needs for over 30 years.

Are your employees experienced people or the right people

Most people who have had to hire employees know that there can be a vast difference between hiring the best employee and hiring the right employee. Too often, the person hired is the one who seems to be the best candidate out of a pool of applicants. The reality is that none of the applicants may be the right employee for you or your company. Pinnacle Group International can help.

Motivated to learn
No two companies perform the same tasks identically. Are your people motivated to learn?
Experience the difference
Some companies may need that person who can think easily outside of the box.
Past experiences matter
Every new employee brings something from the past that can be a blessing or a curse.
Hiring the right people matters
Having the right tools is important. Having the right employee is even more important!
Do they have what it takes
52% of U.S. employers surveyed say they have difficulty filling positions because of talent shortages.